New Bags @ blaq design

Check out these new bags we’ve made at blaq design. The bags have come together through a really interesting product, and are fun to design and make. I’ve not been a manufacturing guy for the bulk of my career, so knowing that I helped to make these bags come together in a meaningful way is really nice (though I certainly wasn’t even close to the person with the most time involved).

New Starts, Safe Finishes

So, the blaq design weekend at Snowshoe was a wonderful time out. If you haven’t gotten a chance to get out there for a few days of mountain biking, it’s definitely worth the experience. Unfortunately, I was totally afraid of breaking my camera so I didn’t take it out on the trails, but I got a few beautiful snapshots of the resort, which you can check out here.

On to other things – I started a new job last week. I’m finally a full-time web developer, working on ASP.NET 3.0 to boot! I’m now working in downtown Cleveland, which is a big change in both a location and a drive, but it’s looking like this is a great opportunity to learn some cool stuff and to have a different experience in life. Of course, it’s a big change to my life – I had to join a new gym, and I had to get a new car (VW GTI, more on that later, hehe).

One last thing, to end on a funny note. Since we took our Snowshoe vacation on my week between jobs, I apparently didn’t have health insurance! Luckily no serious damage was done – just a few bruises and scratches. If I’d have ended up in the hospital, it would have cost a bit more than I had bargained for. Those downhill runs at Snowshoe are pretty insane in places, so coming home in one piece is certainly not a guaranteed thing.

blaq design @ Snowshoe Weekend of May 30

Hey all, just wanted to give a heads up. We’re still hashing out the details, but it’s looking like myself and the other gents at blaq design are going to be going down to Snowshoe in West Virginia the weekend after next. We’re probably going to have an informal little shindig on Saturday evening with whoever we bring down and anyone we meet while we’re down there. And, there will definitely be a ton of riding all weekend. We’ll update the blaq design website with an official announcement and more details once we’ve got things nailed down, so check back there for more info!

Introducing blaq design!

blaq design logo

I have an exciting announcement on something that I’ve been working on over the past few months. A few others and I are working on starting a bike component and apparel company called blaq design. In addition, from February 8-10 (tomorrow, yikes!), we’re going to be debuting our company at Ray’s MTB during their B.I.K.E./Ride w/the Pros event. We are going to have a table setup with a few shirts for sale, a few parts for display, and a decent amount of free stuff for all. If you’re local to Cleveland, OH, you should come check us out at the event!

The company is still in it’s infancy, and my main job with it is I’m the webmaster/IT guy. The website is a labor of a lot of hours of tiring work and is all handcrafted, and it’s coming along great. It’s written in ASP.NET, and it looks pretty decent for someone who isn’t the most well versed in web design. On top of the website, I’m also doing some of the real labor of the business, making parts and running the ‘office’ too.

If you’re ever in the market for bike components or anything, hopefully sooner or later we’ll be able to hook you up with some great gear. We’ve got a lot of products we’ll be debuting over the next few months, and you’ll be able to buy them direct from us through the website (as soon as I figure out how a shopping cart works!).