Say Hi, Spider-Kitty


Here are some great pictures of my cat, spider-kitty. The name is a play on the name of Homer Simpsons’ pig (spider-pig) and the annoying habit she has of jumping on your pants and sticking (via claws, ouch!). Other than that, she’s adorable!

Xmas 2007 – What a Lame Excuse for a Post

XMax 2007 Gallery

New pictures are up of my XMas tree! Wohoo! If you think this is a sad excuse for a post, you’re absolutely correct. Just haven’t had too much spare time as of late. Not only am I busy with life, but Guitar Hero and Portal are calling to me! Kind of went on a videogame buying bender on Black Friday… just couldn’t resist the deals ($35 netted me Super Mario Galaxy!). Now, if only I could not have to go to work for a week or two…

Also, just visited Ray’s MTB for the first time this season. It’s their best course yet! I kind of miss the full Moen Sport Course (it got chopped up into little sections, but most of it is still there, more or less), but the new beginner room is actually kinda cool. I left more or less unharmed, but my friend Paul from Freeride Army got knocked the f-out on the little boxes! He caught his front axle or something, and played Superman over the handlebars. I don’t think anyone saw him do it. Pity, really – if you’re gonna go down hard, may as well have someone be able to tell you about it.

Mexico Pictures are Up

Iguana Ate a Bird?

I’ve posted some pictures from my trip to Riviera Maya this past August. This was about a week before Hurricane Dean came storming in. I went with a good friend, K for short, and we stayed at the Occidental Grand Flamenco Xcaret resort. If you wanted to take a look at beautiful Mexico, have at it. This is just a subset of the 350+ pics I have, and I’ll probably occasionally add pics as I get around to it. I’ll share my thoughts on the wonderful country of Mexico in a future post.