Beating Poverty (via Your Library)

Today is the 2008 Blog Action Day, where bloggers get together to help do anything to beat poverty. Poverty is a truly sad thing because, in most part it’s a very solveable problem. Destitute poverty is a global issue that is actually unraveling and being solved day by day. That’s not to say, though, that there aren’t any challenges left.

One of my favorite authors who has written extensively on poverty is Jeffrey Sachs of The Earth Institute at Columbia University. He wrote a book in 2005 called The End of Poverty. I bought it, but I’ll admit to not having read it in it’s entirety – I’m getting to it, I swear! Seriously though, I’ve heard him speak a bit, and I’d say in almost any room he goes in, he’s the smartest guy there. His other book, Common Wealth, is another great read.