Windows 7? Isn’t it Windows 9?

Here’s a little detail to nit-pick: Windows 7 shouldn’t be the 7th version of Windows, unless you’re doing some funky math. Let’s recap.

The last numbered version of desktop Windows was 3.1 (Windows for Workgroups), which preceded Windows 95. That would make Windows 95 effectively Windows 4. Now, after that, Microsoft released Windows 98, then ME, XP, and Vista. If each of these major releases were counted, that would Make Windows 7 actually be Windows 9 by my count. That’s not to count any of the server OS’s that Microsoft makes, either!

Getting it down to Windows 9 down to Windows 7 takes some consolidation. I would suspect that Microsoft doesn’t really want to remember the disaster that is Windows ME, so it goes. The other likely suspect that they’re not counting is, by my bet, Vista. Of course, it’s probably all just marketing – people like 7 better than 8 or 9! – than anything else, but speculation is fun…