My Zendikar Full Art Lands

One of my more ambitious recent projects was to extend the art of all the full-art versions of all the Magic: The Gathering Zendikar lands. Zendikar lands aren’t particularly valuable, but they do lend themselves very well to having their art extended. In addition, I can always use full art lands – just about every other card in Magic rotates eventually, which was a concern of mine, since I primarily play Standard (for now). In any case, check these out (the pictures aren’t the best, but nobody ever accused me of being a professional photographer):

zen_plains zen_islands zen_swamps zen_mountains zen_forests

I’ve got quite a few other painted cards in my collection, mostly for my cube (still a work in progress). I might add pics of those cards in the future, if people would like me to do so. In case you’re wondering, I don’t currently do any for-hire card painting. The paints I use are Citadel model paints from Games Workshop, which are pretty widely available.

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