I’ve been watching a lot of the Al Franken-Norm Coleman battle in the Minnesota Senate race lately. At this point, I know more about Minnesota election law than my own. I’ve been a longtime fan of Al Franken, and I think it would be great to see him in the Senate. I think he will come off with the win too – the rejected absentee ballots and the contested ballots I think both favor Franken over Coleman, so I don’t believe the Coleman vote lead will hold up at all.

It’s remarkable how open an electoral process they have in Minnesota – every contested ballot can be viewed on the internet, the recount was videotaped and independently monitored, and they have remarkably few missing ballots. I think they have a real chance of getting the correct candidate in office.

If you want to check it out, The Uptake is the best place I’ve found for continuous coverage. They’ve got hours of live footage of the press conferences and the recount process, which is just fascinating stuff to me.