New Bags @ blaq design

Check out these new bags we’ve made at blaq design. The bags have come together through a really interesting product, and are fun to design and make. I’ve not been a manufacturing guy for the bulk of my career, so knowing that I helped to make these bags come together in a meaningful way is really nice (though I certainly wasn’t even close to the person with the most time involved).

Random Notes

This week, I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Leroi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band. I’ve been a big fan for years of Leroi and his spectacular abilities on the saxophone. He’s gone way too soon from this world, and I’m certain will be mourned by millions. Thanks so much for sharing your gift while you were here, Leroi.

I finished the development of the ecommerce side of the blaq design website. The technology is something I’m very proud of. Seriously, even if you’re not interested in bikes and whatnot, go take a look at the product catalog for the web design aspects. It’s all pimped out with a ton of cool javascript-y features. The site is still a little bit slower than I’m really a fan of, but that’s something I plan on focusing on in the near term.

I’m turning thirty next Tuesday. Oh well, can’t fight it. I’m still in decent health and have a great career going, so I’m happy. Still, bummer to leave my twenties.

I can’t stop watching the Olympics. Seriously, it’s damaging my sleep in a bad way. Luckily, they’re over on Sunday, but right afterwards it’s time for the Democratic and Republican conventions, which will occupy me as well. And after all that, Castle Crashers is coming out next week on XBLA. Here’s a little promo for them

Castle Crashers