jQuery Image Overlay 1.3 Released

There have been a distinct lack of updates recently on FerretArmy.com – chock it up to having to do a lot of work-induced overtime over the past few months. Either way, in order to usher in some fresher content, I’ve updated my Image Overlay plugin to version 1.3. Changes are that you no longer need to specify image width and height, as well as being able to specify different animation speeds for the ‘in’ and ‘out’ animations. Hope you enjoy!

jQuery Image Overlay 1.2

I’ve updated my image overlay plugin yet again, to version 1.2. Again, it was a fairly minor enhancement – I added the ability to turn off the animation via an option. The translucent image overlay effect is popping up all over the web nowadays, and I want to make sure that my plugin implementation offers as much as any other technique to achieve the overlay effect.

In other development, I’ve been trying to learn how to implement iPhone style gesture controls via JavaScript. I’ve been seriously spinning my wheels on this – my demo is turning out to be a dud, of sorts. It’s frustrating (especially the testing, which I can only do on my iPhone currently), but hopefully it comes together sooner or later.